At APP UK we like to do things differently. We’re obviously focused on providing the highest quality cleaning services to our clients but as a social enterprise, we’re also passionate about looking after people, places and communities. Here, we highlight five key facts about our ethical approach to business.

1. We are owned by a leading mental health and social change charity
APP UK is owned by one of Wales’ leading mental health and social change charities, Platfform. The charity works with people experiencing mental health challenges and with communities who want to create a greater sense of connection, ownership and wellbeing in the places in which they live and work. APP UK’s own mission and operating standards mirror this mission.

2. Business with ethics
At APP UK, we focus on the wider impact that our services and the business we operate can have on people and places. Our mission is to make a positive impact through our activity, culture and behaviours. As a business, we are committed to improving the quality of the places in which people work and learn by providing the highest quality cleaning services, and by treating our staff as valued colleagues, not just employees.

3. Our profits go to charity
Our profits go directly to our parent organisation, Platfform, and as a result, support the invaluable work which the charity is undertaking in communities throughout Wales.

4. We prioritise job creation in areas of high economic and social deprivation
Access to employment and training opportunities can have a significant impact on people’s lives. APP UK prioritises job creation in areas of high economic and social deprivation, and provides employment and training opportunities to people who have experienced mental health and wellbeing challenges, and subsequently re-entered the workforce. Approximately 68% percent of our workforce is currently recruited from areas of high economic and social deprivation.

5. Employee counselling and support, as standard
We share Platfform’s belief that sustainable wellbeing is for all. This is reflected in how we deal with our clients and, critically, our employees. Our business ethics ensure that the welfare of our employees is of paramount importance. We believe that work should be a place where people gain personal fulfilment and are able to enhance their mental and physical wellbeing without compromising their family commitments or general wellbeing.

Our employee benefits package reflects this approach. In addition to the usual employee benefits provided by many organisations, we provide every employee with free access to the counselling services offered by Breathe – the counselling arm of Platfform. Delivered by trained counsellors at Cardiff Wellbeing Centre, our counselling service gives employees a safe space in which to discuss any troubling feelings, thoughts or behaviours without judgement.

For more information about the services APP UK provides or to learn more about working as part of the APP UK family team, please contact us.