Photo of a young woman in army camouflage gear showing her newly awarded Sergeant stripes.

Jenny becomes a Sergeant


APP UK’s Operations Director, Jenny White, has been with the company since summer 2020 as has already been promoted! For those who know Jenny’s work ethic, skillset, and organisational skills, this will come as no surprise.

Despite the full-on demands of her full-time role at APP UK, Jenny is also studying a degree, and raising her family – both furry & human. It might seem surprising to those who have never met Jen, therefore, that she also finds the time to volunteer with the UK’s largest youth membership organisation, The Army Cadets.

Many of us would be hard-pressed to think of anything worse than to be responsible for the safety and wellbeing of (a portion of) the 39, 000 young people currently registered, as they gain valuable skills in fieldcraft, camping, survival, and teamwork! Not Jenny – she was excited for her journey to begin – and all the mud, sweat, and tears that would entail.

As a social enterprise organisation, APP UK always look to support the whole person in our teams, rather than the part that comes to work each day. Being able to share stories like Jenny’s is testament to the organisation living its beliefs.

With such a busy non-APP life, it would be easy to assume that the business might be losing out but this couldn’t be farther from the reality. We all know that happy employees nurture happy clients and APP UK is certainly gaining more by ensuring Jenny can book leave to coincide with her training camps and events, or to facilitate study time for her degree!

In fact, when Jenny embarked upon her journey with the Army Cadets only a few months ago, she was made a Probationary Instructor. A matter of weeks later and she had already been promoted to Sergeant Instructor! An outstanding achievement. The icing on the cake? When Jenny completed the last part of her AIC (Adult Induction Course) at Sennybridge Camp, she was presented with a rather special accolade – Best Student.

APP UK will continue to support Jenny – and all of our teams – in everything they pursue and we would encourage other organisations to do the same. Support the whole person, always. We all win that way.